Dr. Tiff Jones

X-Factor Performance Consulting

Dr. Tiffany (Tiff) Jones is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) with close to 20 years of consulting experience.  Dr. Tiff is the Founder of X-Factor Performance Consulting, which specializes in mental skills training for athletes, teams, coaches, and corporations who are interested in reaching their excellence.  Dr. Tiff attended Springfield College where she received her M.S. and Doctorate, specializing in sport and performance psychology.  She also is a Certified Chopra Coach in Health and Well-Being and Meditation. 

Currently Dr. Tiff consults with Professional and College Programs across the country.  She recently has created an interactive Mental Performance Training Series that provides teams, athletes, and coaches with the foundational knowledge necessary to develop consistence mental skills.  Dr. Tiff has become a consistent guest on CNN World Sports and is currently finishing her first book, Think First.