Dan Tudor

Founder & President
Tudor Collegiate Strategies

Dan Tudor is the Founder and President of Tudor Collegiate Strategies, a nationally respected athletic recruiting advisory firm that specializes in training coaching staffs to communicate and recruit their prospects more effectively. Since 2005, Tudor has been called “America’s recruiting coordinator” thanks to his cutting-edge strategies, research and advice to the college coaching community.

Tudor Collegiate Strategies conducts recruiting workshops at athletic departments around the country, as well as serving 500+ individual coaching staffs as clients as he and his organization helps to craft their recruiting strategy and communication. His College Recruiting Weekly newsletter is read by 53,000 college coaches around the country every week, and also hosts the College Recruiting Weekly podcast on iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio and Stitcher. Dan also speaks regularly at college coach conventions around the country.

Dan Tudor is based in North Carolina, and can be reached by email at dan@dantudor.com.