Craig O’Shannessy

Tennis Strategy Analyst

Craig O’Shannessy is widely recognized as the world leader in teaching and analyzing tennis strategy. Craig specializes in this specific area of the sport, creating his online Brain Game Tennis business to teach players, coaches and fans the patterns of play, and winning percentages that dominate our sport.

Craig’s unique talents comes from a blend of developing three specific skills to an exemplary level. It creates the total package of tour coaching experience, media savvy, and the ability to discuss the game in a refreshing, informed and tactical manner.

  1. Coaching Craig has coached on tour for 20 years, developing players such as Kevin Anderson, Amer Delic, Rajeev Ram, Melinda Czink, Jesse Levine, Brendan Evans, Marcel Ilhan & many more.
  2. Technology Craig was the first coach in the world to develop Dartfish Match Tagging software to chart tennis matches, cutting them up into specific patterns of play to analyze. Video is the ultimate learning accelerator in our game.
  3. Media Craig has a BA Journalism degree from Baylor University, and is the tennis analyst for the world’s leading newspaper, the New York Times. Craig also writes for several leading global tennis publications.