Jerry Noyce

President & CEO
The Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO)

Jerry Noyce joined HERO as President & CEO in April, 2010, succeeding the organization’s co-founder, Bill Whitmer in this position. Prior to joining HERO in  this leadership position, Jerry served as a member of the HERO board of  directors, beginning in 2005.  

Noyce has been involved in health, fitness, wellness and sports for much of his  career. Prior to joining the HERO leadership team, from late 2000-2006, he served as President and CEO of HealthFitness, a publicly held premier provider of corporate health  and wellness services. He then served from 2007-2008, as Vice Chairman of its Board of Directors.  During his tenure at HealthFitness, the company grew from managing 130 corporate fitness centers  to over 425 centers nationwide. Noyce spearheaded the acquisition of the Johnson & Johnson  Health & Wellness business in 2004, expanding the company’s platform of services from fitness  management to including worksite wellness program management as well, making HealthFitness  the largest provider of these services nationwide. He and his management team have been credited  as being the architects of the HealthFitness business model that transformed the company from a  struggling to a very successful organization. While at HealthFitness, Noyce also served on the  President’s Council for Physical Fitness and Sports, from 2006-08, under President George W. Bush. 

Earlier in his business career, Noyce was involved in providing “direct to consumer” health and  fitness services through his affiliation with the Northwest Health Clubs in the Minneapolis metro  area. There he served for in multiple roles, including CEO of the thirteen clubs, 130,000 member health club chain. While at Northwest, the club chain grew to be one of the five largest in America,  earning top national programming and business awards in every aspect of the operation.  

While at Northwest, Noyce also served for fifteen years as men’s tennis coach at the University of  Minnesota. His highly successful teams won multiple conference championships and placed high in  national rankings. Noyce was inducted into the college tennis hall of fame in 2008.  

This breadth of experience in leading both consumer and business focused health and wellness  organizations has provided a unique perspective for Jerry’s role at HERO. Today, HERO is involved in  providing thought leadership in the field of employee health management through its Think Tank  comprised of business leaders from the corporate, university, health plan/health system, consulting  and wellness services provider communities. In addition, HERO facilitates research coordinated by its research committee represented by many of the leading experts in the field. HERO completes its  mission of disseminating thought leading research and best practices through the annual HERO  Forum and HERO webinars. True to its mission “ to create and disseminate employee health  management (EHM) research, policy, leadership & best practices which advances the principles,  science & practice of EHM”.