Robin Söderling

Former professional tennis player

Robin Söderling is a former professional tennis player from Sweden. He reached a career-high Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) world No. 4 singles ranking on November 15, 2010.

“How I built Robin Söderling to one of the strongest tennis players ever” by Ali Ghelem and Robin Söderling.

Ali Ghelem worked with Robin Söderling for 7 years. It started out with a tall tiny, rather weak boy and it ended up with a physical phenomenon that was one of the most fit players ever in the game of tennis.

Is it rocket science? No. Ali Ghelem has brought all the experience into science and a unique testing method to help all college teams to improve every players opportunity to maximize the potential.

Mr Ghelem´s awarded testing method starts with a measurement of each player´s current status of flexibility, mobility and power. It is made for tennis players and adopted to all the physical aspects of the game. After testing and a comparison with almost 7000 other tests, divided in rankings, UTR etc., you will get a fact-based answer what each player in your team should focus on to be able to become a better tennis player. Ali Ghelem will tell you about his method, show data that to easily explain the results and describe how Robin became one of the fittest tennis players ever.