Paul Drake, MS

Paul Drake, MS, has been training and coaching since 1991. Paul’s focus is very specific: Understanding and training metabolic energy systems through cardiovascular testing, VO2/Biometric assessment, cardiovascular zoning and cardio-fitness prescriptions.

After earning his MS, Paul began working as the team trainer and coach for DePaul University’s Men’s and Women’s cycling teams. In one season the teams leapt from 34th to 3rd in the midwest conference while also producing 3 regional champion titles.

Paul learned many of his heart rate training techniques from two major sources: the infamous Eddy “B” Borysewicz – 1980 and 1984 US Olympic Cycling Coach, and the amazing Sally Edwards – US Triathlon Hall of Famer, founder of Fleet Feet Running Stores and author of dozens of books on heart rate based training.

Over the last five years Paul has challenged coaches and their teams to train their athletes in a more sustainable manner, giving players the ability to stay healthy throughout the year and peak their performance at key times during the season. Working with several of the top college tennis teams around the country, Paul has produced astounding results along the way, including being involved with 3 SEC championship teams, 1 NCAA  men’s singles title, 1 NCAA MVP, 1 ITA Women’s All-American Title, 1 ITA Women’s All-American Doubles Title, 6 regional champions and 4 final NCAA final 4 appearances.